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Nights NiGHTS (character)

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Hard Drive:4 GB HD space• The Estate Trail Closes at 4:30 pm• The children can't bear to lose NiGHTS but are reassured of their own strength and free will, so they work together to defeat him.

  • NiGHTS joins Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man's Unified Army to stop Sigma's conquest of the Multiverse in.

  • We've got Reala, Owl and Nightopian icons incorporated into the game, and I'm guessing the NiGHTS model by the actual wheel may be animated to a degree? Just like in NiGHTS into Dreams, the visitors are capable of freeing NiGHTS from their prison for a limited time by with them.

NiGHTS Into Dreams on Steam

Reala hasn't shipped yet at the time of writing, and you can add yourself to the wait list to get either the or the , the difference being that the Exclusive Edition has LEDs throughout to make a pulsating effect through the cloud! NiGHTS can create small portals called Paraloops with 'Twinkle Dust' that emits from its hands by flying in a circle.

  • Phantasy Star Online: NiGHTS makes a guest appearance in an Episode 2 quest.

  • SEGAGAGA: NiGHTS is one of the many Sega characters to make cameos in SEGAGAGA, as a background character during some cutscenes.