Build Right, the first time.

Astralink is a Quality Assurance platform for the construction industry, which uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bridge the gap between 3D digital blueprints (BIM models) and real-life construction field work.

Using proprietary Computer Vision & Deep Learning algorithms, Astralink compares 3D digital blueprints with the actual construction state from a tablet.

With Astralink, construction firms cut down major costs, reduce project delivery time and increase safety at the site.
Astralink is easy to use and does not require any prior training. By visualizing the 3D digital blueprints over reality, teams are able to BUILD RIGHT the FIRST TIME!

Save 15% of project's cost
Our value offering was to save 15% of a construction project cost by preventing rework.
First VC investment in Israel
Astralink was the first startup in ConstructionTech to raise money from VCs in Israel.
Used by some of the world largest construction companies in US, UK, Germany & Thailand.
Full BIM Support
Full support of very large 3D BIM models on-device, no internet needed.
Breakthrough Technology
Patented mobile and computer vision technology (we did it before ARKit/Core even came out!)
100% Cool People
20 people at our peak, all of them were super cool.

Metaverse, before it was cool

Astralink's UX was extremely simple to use, enabling non-techy traditional users to use advanced technology in the easiest manner.



No need for GPS, internet connectivity or anything else. Using unique approach, localization is as easy as 2 clicks.

It's all about the people ❤️

Matan Gidnian, Co-Founder & CEO
Product Manager by heart, engineer by mind.
Roy Goldschmidt, Co-Founder & CPO
Tech + Construction = The future
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